Official Website for Tom Ricca Former WWE-WWF Superstars of Wrestling & Hall of Fame Pro Wrestler as Tony Ricca, The Pharaoh & Nicky Sauce
Official Website for Tom Ricca Former WWE-WWF Superstars of Wrestling & Hall of Fame Pro Wrestler as Tony Ricca, The Pharaoh & Nicky Sauce

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Jersey Shore Family Vacation - The Hitch-uation - Mike and Lauren's Wedding with Tony, Family & Cannoli World, LLC - Olde World Cannoli®

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Tony Ricca is featured and can be found in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffpost,, Medium, EMEA TRIBUNE.


Published Newspaper Articles Tony Ricca is featured and can be read in are USA Today, The Press of Atlantic City, The Courier Post, The Philadelphia Inquier, The Daily Journal,, The Hammonton News, The Hammonton Gazzette. Many published articles can be located in many other published newspapers and news outlets accross the United States and around the world. Some are found online and many are not. Certain newspaper and news outlets have not archived their published news information (newspapers, articles, news) online at all and some have archived their publications online later. Some articles that are not found online can be found by notifing the news outlet and public libraries around the United States.


Tony Ricca has been in Movies, Radio, TV Shows and Podcasts. From working on Movies with Bruce Willis, ESPN Radio, TV - The Jersey Shore Vacation, WWE Superstars,  and other media outlets and televised programs. Tony makes guest appearances on several podcasts including Kermit and Friends, hosted by radio personality Elisa Jordana and Actor and Comedian Andy Dick.


Tony Ricca on Shoutout platforms is one of the top choices of talent for shoutouts from fans. The Tony Ricca "YoYoYo" catch phrase ranks at the top around the world for shoutouts. Tony brings to his fans, high energy shoutouts and messages that are often requested. Tony gets requests from producers to do videos to add to their production with other celebrity talent. YouTube stars have booked many shoutouts from Tony to include in their videos. One YouTube star, Jack sucks at life booked a shoutout from Tony without him knowing and the video went viral around the world. Click Here to see the video. Tony thought it was funny and entertaining.


Ranked #1 Amazing Celebrity Shoutout Superstar Tony Rucca has been ranked number 1 as The Top Talent for all personal video messages done by alltalent from all fields in every industry for the last three years. Article published by EMEA TRIBUNE in 2021 Titled - "Amazing Celebrity Shoutout Superstar Tony Ricca Tops All Talent In Personal Video Messages".

YoYoYo Get the Spanky Ringtone only on your mobile phone at the iTunes Store and Apple Music! Tap search and type Spanky ringtone. It’s at the top under Spanky (feat. Yo Tony). It's a classic! Making more music!

Tom (Tony) Ricca Autograph Signing at the Cannoli World, LLC Food Truck.

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