Official Website for Tom Ricca Former WWE-WWF Superstars of Wrestling Hall of Fame Pro Wrestler as Tony Ricca, The Pharaoh and Nicky Sauce
Official Website for Tom Ricca Former WWE-WWF Superstars of Wrestling Hall of Fame Pro Wrestler as Tony Ricca, The Pharaoh and Nicky Sauce

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Jersey Shore Family Vacation - The Hitch-uation - Mike and Lauren's Wedding with Tony, Family & Cannoli World, LLC - Olde World Cannoli®

YoYoYo Get the Spanky Ringtone only on your mobile phone at the iTunes Store and Apple Music! Tap search and type Spanky ringtone. It’s at the top under Spanky (feat. Yo Tony). It's a classic! Making more music!

Tom (Tony) Ricca Autograph Signing at the Cannoli World, LLC Food Truck.

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