Official Page for Tom Ricca Former WWE-WWF Superstars of Wrestling Pro Wrestler as Tony Ricca and Ringnames - The Pharaoh & Nicky Sauce
Official Page for Tom Ricca Former WWE-WWF Superstars of Wrestling Pro Wrestler as Tony Ricca and Ringnames - The Pharaoh & Nicky Sauce
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Tony Ricca Action Figure!

Tony Ricca Action Figure!

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Stay in Touch - Follow and connect with Tony (Tom) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube! Contact Tony about Pro Wrestling, Bodybody Building Advisement, Music, etc. Look for his Action Figure! Tony is the Founder of The World Famous Food Truck His daughter Gabriella Ricca was the 2014 12 yr. old Gymnastics World Champion (All-around & Bars) at the USAIGC/IAIGC World Championships Competitions in Orlando, Florida. Gabriella is currently training for the 2020 Olympic Trials and is currently being considered for Professional Wrestling. Click the Bio Tab to find out more about Tom (Tony). KTT - Keep The Tweets!





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